Monday, May 25, 2009

The Love Dance

And he saw her across the room dancing passionately to the rhythm of the guitar. Her eyes were closed as though the music was making love to her, filling her hungry heart and soul. He thought of her lips on his body, of their taste, of the sweetness that would conquer his heart. He wanted her to dance like that night forever. While she danced, she smiled to herself and his mind was filled with desire to know the secrets she kept, the secrets she smiled to, to know the rhythm in which she lived. He wanted to bring her the same pleasures the music brought her. And when she opened her eyes, he saw a blinding light so intense that he would remember forever. That light cast a spell that night. From that moment on he knew that if she wasn’t his, life had no meaning. His breath belonged to her and her eyes were his only sight. He wished of touching her with his hands, of feeling her movements on his body and yet his only wish was that her eyes wandered and rested on his. “I am filled with poetic love, and you are the reason” were the words he whispered to himself. His mind went into a trance and saw her next to him, on top, all over him. Her kisses were like hot water upon his lips. She was an art, a masterpiece, a symphony without end. The touch she gave was soothing, erotic, passionate. He embraced her wanting to never let go, and she smiled her captivating smile and kissed him on the cheek. A kiss so passionate that it whispered…eternity, she had kissed his soul when she kissed his body. Slowly she began to fade, but somehow her loved remained, her touch was present, her breath was hot over his, her movement and her rhythm were still intense. As he opened his eyes he noticed it was a dream, the dream that gave way to his destiny. He turned and saw her next to him sleeping, glowing like an angel, his angel. She had the smile he couldn’t resist, the smile that made him fall in love with her. He knew all her dreams and this one was her favorite. He took her hand and kissed it, leaned over and whispered in her ear “I am filled with poetic love, and you are the reason”.

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  1. this gives me a swet and tangy sensation... great... music and love, perfect combination.